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Are There Any Penis Enhancement Products that Actually Work?

The internet is filled with ads for penis enlargement devices, pills and creams because which man wouldn’t want to have a larger penis?

The real question is whether or not these products actually work, especially since many manufacturers are ready to make some pretty bold claims.

If you’ve recently been drawn in by promises of a bigger penis, it makes sense to first broaden your knowledge on what’s out there and what works before you make a final decision on one of these penis enhancement options.

How Does My Penis Measure Up?

If you’ve ever been worried that your penis is too small, know that you’re not the first man to think this, but what is considered normal exactly?

The average fully-erect penis is about 13cms – anything less than 6cms and you are considered to have a micropenis.

Understanding Your Penis Enhancement Options

There are quite a few penis enhancement options on the market, most of which are ineffective and unsafe. Dermal filler treatments and PRP shots from clinics such as CALIBRE Clinic are by far the safest and most effective but let’s look into some of the unwise choices anyway.

Pill & Creams. It should be said that almost all medications and supplements that claim to enhance the size of your penis are unregulated, which means they could contain some potentially harmful ingredients. Even so, there is no miracle pill or cream that is going to enhance the size of your penis, making this option a complete waste of your time and money.

Penis Extenders. This device is used to increase the length of the penis by placing tension on it. Some studies suggest that extenders can provide a slight increase in length if used on a regular basis but there is always a risk of tissue damage and the possibility of scar tissue formation.

Penis Pumps. The function of a penis pump is to draw more blood into your penis and stop that blood from flowing out too soon, ensuring a longer-lasting erection. While pumps are generally safe, long-term use is not advisable as the tissue inside the penis can become damaged, leading to further problems.

Penis Clamps. This is another device that is designed to prevent blood from flowing out of the penis. Once an erection is achieved, the clamp is placed at the base of the penis, ensuring you can maintain an erection for longer. Wearing a clamp for longer than 30 minutes can permanently damage the tissue.

The only other effective penis enhancement option is penoplasty, which involves severing a ligament that will allow the penis to hang down further. Unfortunately, surgery is very costly and there is a risk of infection and a loss of function.

Treatments such as dermal fillers from CALIBRE Clinic, on the other hand, provide safe, long-lasting results that won’t affect your health or the functioning of the penis. Once the filler has been naturally absorbed by the body, a top-up treatment will be required.