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September 2018


Witty Confession of an Escort

My name is mansi and I provide 24/7 escort service in Ajmer . Hmmm…what does it mean you would ask? Well, I spent most of my time with gentlemen, who like enjoyment most in their life. For example, last week I met with a sweet guy, whose name was Ankit.

He stayed in the town for several nights on business. At first, he didn’t even plan to spend time with shemale escorts. You know how this happens. So, these men feel bored and decide to look through the site with hot ladies. They see a lot of tasty babes and start to fantasize. Ankit was no exception. At that moment he got nervous and decided to call me.

I liked his voice on the phone and put on the sexiest clothing I had in my wardrobe. In fact, I am extremely popular among Ajmer escort girls, so I knew, for sure, that would turn him on from the very beginning. I wish you saw his eyes when we met. I charmed Ankit at once. We started to discuss things he was eager to do together tonight.

Ankit  was middle-aged and I was really happy, as this category of men knows how to treat ladies and make them happy. He told he had never hired female escorts before. I calmed him and made to relax. I liked he was flexible to any of my actions.

We chatted a lot and then he decided to obtain all the pleasure from my escort service of ajmer. I am always interested what kind of things men want to do with me. Some of them need only sex, others-massage etc. At first, Ankit asked me about erotic massage. I represent high class escorts in pushkar , ajmer and nearby so knew how to do it perfectly. I start rubbing him relaxingly, using various essential oils. I usually use them in my panties and even bra to make sure I always smell wonderful. He was really excited when I was erotically massaging his skin. Ankit was extremely happy to know I am going to please him during the whole night.

In comparison with the other escorts Available in ajmer, I act as if this man is my only one on the whole planet. I wasn’t shy in the bed and did my best to make him go wild. Thanks to several of my friends from male escorts, I learned what guys really want. Being a part of British escorts I brought Damon the best memories in his life. He was really hungry and decided to hire me for 2 more nights. We spent a lot of intimate time together and learned about each other’s body part. I liked him so much and was really disappointed when he had to leave.  We met several more times and all of them were unforgettable. Now he is one of my constant clients.  He is very generous and I treat him correspondingly with great passion and deep love.